Vintage Pet Food

Take a step closer to raw with Vintage Oven-Fresh pet food. The unique pieces have a distinct look, aroma and flavour. After opening the bag you will notice grill marks from the oven and a fresh smell.

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Satori Pet Food

We blend a variety fresh and whole eco-rich meats, legumes, fruits and vegetables in our recipes to supply the best nutrition for your best friend. We compliment our meat based recipes with whole ingredients and never use plant starch or protein concentrates.

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Boka Pet Food

Boka is crafted with the desire to fuel your pet’s healthy way of life. Proudly produced in Canada, our recipe features high quality ingredients including premium Canadian meats and whole grains that provide vital nutrients in every bite.

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Element 5 Pet Supplements

Supplements for your pet!

Motion Renewal ||| Joint Supplement Powder – 100g Jar
Coat+ ||| Coat Plus More Supplement – 500ml Bottle

Aura Pet Treats

Aura Natural Treats & Chews. Spoil them with healthy rewards.

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