Proudly Canadian, supporting our economy and nation

We pride ourselves on supplying pet parents with healthy and natural products for their pets!

We are a niche pet nutrition company that has a unique way of thinking; everything for your pet. In lieu of a large marketing budget we make sure we are using only the highest quality ingredients in our products. Our pet foods contain premium meats and eco-rich ingredients that naturally provide nutrition that your pet deserves. Our belief is the ingredient list proves a pet food is healthy, not it’s advertisements, brand name or packaging. Quality Canadian Ingredients have been the foundation of our products since 2010, available across Canada and Internationally.

Our packaging is not the typical flashy and shiny type; rather we use practical and recyclable bags because we care for our environment. We know future generations, both our children and four legged best friends, depend on us minimizing our environmental footprint. Internally, efforts are constantly being made to minimize shipping routes as we know transportation affects the air we breathe.

We are a down to earth, logical and forward thinking bunch whom are very proud to be part of the True North Strong and Free. Our products can be found at select independent retailers across Canada who understand ingredients and why our pet foods are elite. Every product is crafted with honesty and care, as we know only the highest quality will do for our pets and yours.

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